About Tooth & Nail Co.

We believe that we must all work very hard to make change in our lives. We must fight “Tooth & Nail” to achieve great things and to overcome challenges. We embrace the hard fight and know that when you do work hard for something you can truly appreciate it. –Tobias Ogden (Founder and Leather Artist)

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Tooth & Nail Co is my leather company and it came from being inspired by some other leather companies that are out there. I have always been interested in leather and for some reason, it just always looked intimidating to me. So many tools, so much skill to make things. I kinda threw myself into it all and started to watch a lot of youtube videos on how to make things. I learned that you can make things and its not too expensive but when you want to take your craft to the next level you must have the right tools. So I invested a lot of my money into getting the right tools and from there, I noticed my product was looking more and more professional. This made me feel confident to put it out there and see if others would want to buy some of these creations.

Although I was inspired by other leather companies, I do design all my own products. I come up with new designs based on what I think would be simple and work well. I also love doing other colors than what you normally see. I love doing red dyes and I make a special wood grain finish that is all custom done.

I hope you enjoy my products!